The bond between fashion and music has always been a strong one. But the introduction of this next product seems to take that relationship to a whole new level.

If you find the ‘Beats by Dre’ are not quite bling enough for you then you may want to consider the Happy Plugs ‘Deluxe Edition’. Happy Plugs, a well-known Swedish company specializing in Smartphone accessories has introduced a new product to market for “the seriously-rich”.

The ‘Deluxe Edition’ is a pair of 18-carat solid gold earphones priced at a whopping $15,000. Handmade by a Swedish goldsmith in Old Town, Stockholm the ‘Deluxe Edition’ features 25 grams of solid gold on each ear-bud and a 3.5mm gold-plated jack and wire connector. Compatible with almost all the latest handsets from tech-titans Apple, Samsung, Nokia, HTC and Sony, the ‘Deluxe Edition’ earphones look to provide just that extra bit of “Oomph”.

Despite the staggering asking price, Happy Plugs Founder and CEO Andreas Vural, seems confident the ‘Deluxe Edition’ will be a hit with consumers. “Our headphones in 18 carat gold are a real statement piece and they are more a functional jewelry than a technology gadget. We think its fun to be the first brand to produce exclusive headphones in solid gold, and despite the high price scenario, I am convinced that we will get many orders”.

For consumers looking to spend not quite as much for a decent pair of earphones, Happy Plugs has also launched a more wallet-friendly option; metallic-colored earphones in silver and gold available for a reasonable $25 and $35 respectively.