The sub 40,000 rupee price-point for smartphones is where things start to get interesting and complicated all at the same time… And in a massive market like Pakistan, the telecoms industry is BOOMING! The 40,000 rupee price point is where you break away from the ‘budget friendly’ phones and enter the realm of smartphones that have a lot more to offer.

After some research and time, we have compiled a list of five smartphones in that price range that really do, have the most to offer. Each one is a winner in its own right. The list is as follows:

iPhone 5C: It is not the most powerful iPhone and it doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner, but apart from that, it’s a much cooler, compact smartphone compared to its older brother, the 5S and its latest iteration the iPhone 6. You get almost all the features of the latest apple device in the 5C, and with the Retina screen it makes it one helluva desirable phone.


Samsung Galaxy S4: It’s not the most recent Samsung phone, but the Galaxy S4 is still a worthy contender. For less than 40,000 rupees what you’re getting is a premium phone from last year, at a budget price. There’s Samsung’s brilliant 1080×1920 AMOLED display, a superfast processor and plenty of RAM makes the Galaxy S4 the next best thing.


Sony Xperia Z1 Compact: It was the first “compact” version of a larger phone – in this case, the Z1 – that didn’t really compromise on performance. You get the same waterproofing too, which is a real bonus. The camera is also an impressive 20.1-megapixel, and while it’s not perfect, it’s one of the highest resolution snappers you can get in a smartphone.


HTC One Mini 2: The HTC One Mini 2 is one of those smaller phones that offers a big package. It has a crisp and detailed LCD screen and is paired with some forward-facing stereo speakers. This makes watching videos and short films much better than on any other smartphone. HTC has also ditched the dual-camera on this model, and opted for a more sensible 13-megapixel standard shooter that produces some truly amazing results.


Samsung Galaxy Mini: If having the most recent device is what you want, then go for the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini. It’s a reduced-size version of the S5, but with almost all the same features. We love the fact that it keeps the heart rate monitor and fingerprint scanner in a smaller size with a more pocket-friendly price. It’s also still water resistant which let’s face it, is fantastic!