I’m afraid it’s more bad news for Honda City lovers…

Pakistan’s Honda Atlas has reportedly delayed the launch of the new shape Honda City even further, with the company now expected to release the sixth generation sometime in 2017.

According to a report on Pakwheels, “Launching a new model in Pakistan requires a preliminary investment of as much as 7 billion rupees from the company, unit sales projections, and commitments of sales numbers from the dealerships. If the dealers do not commit a certain number of unit sales, the company does not launch the new model in the market. This is how it works in our industry. Company wants returns on the invested capital and the return would not come unless the dealerships sell a certain number of cars.”

The sixth generation City had its debut in neighboring India back in 2014, while Pakistan’s Honda Atlas chose to stick with the fifth generation — something Toyota Indus has been able to capitalize on greatly since the launch of the new shape Corolla.

Now it seems, in an effort to snatch back a piece of the pie, Honda Atlas is planning to launch the new shape Honda Civic sometime in the third quarter of 2016.

Earlier reports suggested the launch of the new Civic would be around the start of next year, but with the announcement of the pre-booking facility now available, Honda appears to be fast-tracking the release of the car in Pakistan.

Image credits: www.carwale.com