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Stacks of Pakistan's 5000 rupee note

Pakistan to Demonetize 5000 Rupee Note?

A recent notification circulating on social media, claiming that the government has decided to demonetize the 5000 rupee note from September 30, has been deeme...
The best kept secrets of crab

The Best Kept Secrets of Crab

Versatile; Filling; Luscious; Delectable; Soul-satisfying; These are but some of the words used to describe the Prince of crustaceans, and it is perhaps for th...
Gerrys dnata CEO Syed Haris Raza Front Profile

Gerry’s dnata CEO Jetting Out

Gerry’s dnata CEO Syed Haris Raza has been promoted to Vice President Strategy & Cargo for dnata US. In his new role based out of New York, Raza will al...