A dream wedding doesn’t always have to be big, or lavish, or even extravagant for that matter; but seldom do weddings come cheap.

This is a story to inspire you to your core.

Like many of us, 24-year-old couple Shehzaan and Zainab Chunara were in the midst of planning a lavish affair for the big day they had always dreamed of… But something felt off.

“We began tallying up expenses and started to think it wasn’t worth putting that much money toward something that would only last a few days,” Shehzaan told TODAY.com. Something didn’t quite feel right. “We wanted to use the money for something that will have a lasting impact.”

What happened next is pretty amazing — the couple decided they would donate the money they saved for their wedding fund to the Aga Khan Foundation, an NGO that’s mission is to eradicate poverty by investing in education, infrastructure and self-sustaining communities around the world.

Both were particularly fond of AKF because it equips people with the resources they need to pursue their dreams rather than just offering handouts.

“I’ve seen poverty up close and it’s extremely heart-wrenching,” Shehzaan said. “We felt like it was the right thing to do to give someone an opportunity to have clean water, an education and a roof over their head.”

On top of the money the couple donated themselves, they also encouraged their guests to donate the money they would’ve spent on a gift to the AKF.