If the latest rumours are the be believed, third-party developers appear to be having a difficult time developing games for Sony’s PlayStation 5 reportedly due to the lacklustre CPU/GPU.

What could this mean for gamers? It could mean that early PS5 titles may be released without true 4K capabilities.

According to gaming insider Dusk Golem, who usually leaks Capcom-related stuff, he knows of some developers who are experiencing issues, “with 4K games in particular.” He stated that gamers should get ready for a lot of “fake 4K” games on the PlayStation 5, but that the new Xbox won’t have the same issue.

You see developing multi-platform games wasn’t a big deal for the current generation of consoles, as the Xbox One and PS4 were really similar to their predecessors. And while Microsoft seems to be taking a more traditional approach with the hotly-anticipated Xbox Series X with plenty of CPU/GPU power, Sony on the other hand, has shifted focus to a cutting-edge solid-state drive with variable frequency CPU/GPU to deliver a truly next-generation gaming experience. But, as a result, developing multi-platform games is no longer as straightforward as it once used to be.

Golem also speculated that the PS5 will be priced higher than the Xbox Series X while still being less powerful, possibly due to the more novel tech.