Just a few weeks after Google shut its doors on the Google Glass project, Japanese giant SONY unveiled their brand new concept of Google Glass-ish type wearable tech called the SmartEyeGlass Developer Edition SED-E1. Sony gave their consumers a treat starting pre-orders from today onwards and is said to launch the final product on March 10 for £520 in the UK and $840 in the US.

Similar to the Glass project, SmartEyeGlass uses augmented reality to superimpose a display onto the user’s field of view. Sony said its SmartEyeGlass developer edition created “true augmented reality” and provided a “world of knowledge” right in front of the user’s eyes. It is a transparent lens eyewear (wearable tech) which is perfect for notifications and information layers on top of the visual world we experience.

The company also said that it could be used to get sports updates and stats in real time, see hands-free assembly instructions and receive directions. A wired controller is also hooked to it which would need to be paired with an Android device to be able to work. The SmartEyeGlass also has an accelerometer, gyroscope, electronic compass, and a three mega-pixel camera for still images. It is estimate to have a 150-minute battery life with continuous use.

While better looking than the Google Glass and significantly cheaper, Sony’s new project can’t exactly be called subtle, with the black thick frame and a wired hockey-put sized device that comes with it. But there’s still time before March and all hope is not lost. We’re assuming the final product would be very different aesthetically, or at least we hope…