The Rolls-Royce 103EX concept is completely, irredeemably ridiculous. A hundred years from now, those looking for autonomous automotive luxury will need to look no further than Rolls-Royce’s latest creation.

The newest addition to parent company BMW‘s Vision Next 100 program, the 103EX takes the iconic Spirit of Ecstasy to a new level, with a look that’s half classic Rolls half something from the next ‘Iron Man’ film.

Oh and you can fire your driver! Virtual assistant Eleanor, the digital embodiment of the company’s Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament not only chauffeurs you around town, but also fulfills your every wish throughout the journey.

“With the Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 we were mindful not to dwell on the past,” said Rolls-Royce Director of Design Giles Taylor. “We wanted to be as innovative as possible and at the same time transcend the design history of the marquee.”

Job well done Rolls-Royce. Job well done.

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