Few actors in Hollywood have had as miraculous a comeback as Mr. Robert Downey Jr.

Iron Man’s drug-related problems from 1996 to 2001 led to arrests, rehab visits and incarcerations, not to mention his firing from hit TV show ‘Ally McBeal’.

But in 2003 Downey re-emerged on the scene – ready to begin rebuilding his career. Today, as the world’s highest paid actor celebrates his 51st birthday, we take a look at some of his best quotes ever. “I know very little about acting. I’m just an incredibly gifted faker.”11“Acting is the most wildly overpaid position imaginable.”3“I’ve noticed that worrying is like praying for what you don’t want to happen.”6“Listen, smile, agree, and then do whatever the fuck you were gonna do anyway.”14“This is probably going to get quoted in every publication just because I said it. And I’m not even saying anything. I’m not talking about my films, I’m not talking about my life, and I’m not talking about the world. And yet, the media will print it simply because I said it. And at this moment in time, I bet there is an artist around the corner of this hotel, on the street, with a mind far beyond ours, but we will never listen to him simply because he has not appeared in a movie. And that is what is fucked up about our culture.”13“I don’t drink these days. I am allergic to alcohol and narcotics. I break out in handcuffs.”9“There is unpanned gold in every soul you run into, no matter what walk of life they are from.”5“I have a sense of destiny that you are led to the things you are supposed to do.”2“The higher the stakes, the happier I am, the better I will be.”10“I’ve become a picky little bitch. I’ve never bothered to plan projects before. I just used to throw the script across the room and say, “Why do they keep sending me this horseshit?” And then I’d start rehearsals two weeks later.”

(Image credits: hdfinewp.com)