If you’ve been to Oslo, you’ll surely remember the city for its beautiful and abundant green spaces. The reason for that is the Norwegian government’s commitment to becoming the world’s most environment-friendly country. Last week, it took another major step towards achieving that goal.

Norway has announced that by the year 2025, no cars running on fossil-fuels will be allowed on its roads. Norwegian legislators, both liberal and conservative, have reached a landmark agreement that ‘green energy’ is the only way forward, and the ban on vehicles powered by anything else will ensure that.

For a country that has an economy relying heavily on its petroleum industry, it’s a bold decision, and a difficult one indeed, but where bigger and more powerful countries have been making promises about becoming ‘ecologically progressive’ but are still dilly-dallying, Norway has shown that it has its priorities straight, and will not shirk responsibility of saving the planet.

Norway also announced recently that it will, from now on, implement a policy of ‘zero deforestation’, another first in the world. The mindless cutting down of trees is one of the major ecological problems the world is dealing with at present.

Conservationists are lauding the actions taken by Norway, where 24% of cars are already running on electricity. For obvious reasons, Tesla‘s Elon Musk was one of those cheering the loudest. In a tweet, he praised Norway saying, “What an amazingly awesome country. You guys rock!”

Anyone who has concerns about the future of our planet and of human civilization would agree.