New York, London, Paris, may hold on to their wealth, but there are some unexpected contenders for the crown of wealthiest cities that may surprise you.

According to researchers at McKinsey and Co., consultants to many influential businesses around the world, these are the upcoming economic superstars ready to take their place on the financial market map:

1. Doha, Qatar. The capital city of Qatar is almost already there among the wealthiest places on earth, considering the per capita GDP. Adding to its future potential are the huge investments pouring in, in anticipation of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which the country will be hosting.

2. Bergen, Norway. The hub of the booming Norwegian energy industry, as well as shipping and marine research, Bergen is high on McKinsey’s list of rising stars, along with Trondheim, Norway’s tech capital.

3. Asan, South Korea. Several developing industrial complexes mark Asan as a city that’s going to climb to the top of the financial ladder very soon. It’s proximity to the Pyeongtaek harbour, the port closest to east China, enhances its importance as a global marine trading hub.

4. Rhine-Ruhr, Germany. At present, it’s the third largest commercially successful urban area in Europe, following Paris and London. It boasts a booming business sector, and is home to twelve Fortune 500 companies.

5. Macau, China. Although it faced a financial slump last year because of the anti-corruption drive against its main source of income, its casinos, Macau has bounced back and is on track McKinsey predicts, to become one of the world’s richest cities by the year 2025.