Ever been in situations where all your friends are showing off their Apple iPhone and its supposedly-cool apps and tricks? No need to worry if you own an Android handset. The Google Play Store is there to rescue you out of these embarrassing situations. The store is a treasure chest of some of the coolest apps ever made. And guess what? Most of them are free. So you don’t have to pay a single penny when shopping around for your favorite apps. If you are wondering where to begin, then we have the following five free apps for your pleasure, as recommended by Business Insider, which will totally make your iPhone-hugging friends envious of you!


If you ever find yourself constantly swiping your screen looking for Whatsapp, Viber or any favorite app, then Cover is just for you. It is such an intelligent app that it cleverly senses your location. Whether it’s the car, home or office and decides the right apps for that particular time and places them on your home screen.

Google Keep

Google over the years designed some of the coolest apps ever. From favorites such as Gmail to Google Earth, the search engine giant keeps getting better and better. If you are looking for a nifty note-taking app, then Google Keep is for you. It is really amazing because your notes can be color-coded and photos can be taken via the app itself. Voice memos can be recorded and automatically transcribed for your convenience. Take that Apple!


Android being open-source is highly customizable. This cool software turns your handset home screen into a “living museum.” Every day, your home screen wallpaper turns into a different masterpiece by famous artists. One day, it can be Van Gogh and the other day it could be Picasso. You want Starry Night, you got it!

Mighty Text

Even in today’s fast-moving world, personal computers still have a role to play. Whether it’s a desktop or a notebook, they’re as important as your handset. If you are stuck at work and don’t have time to check your text messages, then this app will allow you to check your texts straight from your PC. It also integrates with Gmail so while you refresh your inbox, you can even check out your latest text. This way, you won’t ever miss an important SMS ever. The best part is you can respond to it straight from the PC.

Google Sky Map

Another awesome app from the Google guys is the Sky Map. It’s simple. If you’re hanging out with your iPhone-loving friends, just point to the sky with the app turned on and it will give you information on the stars above you. And then you can show-off to your friends. Some of them may end up selling their iPhone for an Android handset the next time you meet them.