For a few weeks now there hasn’t been any interesting or exciting news in the wrist-watch market. The Baselworld show just took place in Switzerland and finally something exciting has happened.

Tag Heuer, Intel and Google have launched a three-way collaboration that will result in potentially the most exciting Android Wear device we’ve seen yet. Just imagine your next Android Wear watch could be a TAG Heuer.

So far, there is no news of any product already in the making, so, it could be a while till it comes in the open market. Tag’s general manager says, “The quality of Swiss watches is renowned worldwide. When this is allied with the creative technology and global power of two companies like Intel and Google, using the Android Wear platform and based on Intel technology, we can see the launch of a technological revolution in our industry, of which I am proud to be a pioneer today with TAG Heuer,”

The most surprising element of the Tag Heuer collaboration is perhaps Google’s involvement. Android Wear obviously requires a digital screen, and it’s not quite clear yet how this will be combined with Tag Heuer’s analogue, mechanical heritage. The trio can generally be trusted to deliver exciting products individually, but let’s hope it’s not a case of too many cooks here. Nevertheless, it’s exciting to see luxury watch brands embrace technology, and this is the perfect time to make a statement given the upcoming Apple Watch launch.

There’s no information yet about what the watch will look like or when there might be more news, but you can expect that development is already well underway.