Start With the Basics

Personal hygiene being THE number one priority. Start and end your day with a refreshing shower. Deodorants and anti-perspirants help beat body odour and are all-weather essentials. Followed swiftly by “good teeth”. Brush and floss likes there’s no tomorrow, throw in a minty mouthwash and add a little oomph to that million dollar smile.

Invest in a Good Haircut

Because it’s worth it! It’s as simple as that… Finding the right hairdresser may be the beginning of the greatest partnership in your life! A good hairdresser has the potential to bring out the best in your looks.

Remember the Style Pyramid

When buying clothes, always go quality over quantity. Focus on the Style Pyramid — Fit, Fabric and Style. The fall of fabric makes or breaks a suit. 100% fabrics like wool and cotton look richer and are more “wear-worthy”. Most importantly though take advantage of the fact that we live in Pakistan where custom-made suits get cheaper by the dozen. If you choose you want to buy off the rack then that’s OK, but go prepared! Know your size and never shop in a hurry.

Sharpen Your Shirt Sense

Jordan Belfort. Gordon Gekko. Bruce Wayne. What do they all have in common? They don’t just buy small, medium or large they go for fitted shirts. Get the five essentials to get your wardrobe started: white, black, sky blue, light pink and mauve. A variety of patterns will lend flair to even the most casual outfits. White tees are also a basic staple. Wear as an undershirt or pair with a summer jacket, the combination always works well.

Get the Knot Right

Ties greatly complement and enhance the impression of your suit. Create a personal palette that reflects your personality. Remember, however, that at the office, being too flamboyant can have jarring effects and may actually work against you.

Put the Right Foot Forward

In the grown-up world, you need a real pair of shoes. Sandals and flip-flops just aren’t gonna cut it… We’re not in California. And if you’re not Roger Federer, put the sneakers away. Every man must repeat must have a pair of black lace-up formal shoes, for the simple reason that they go with everything! Shoes are one thing you shouldn’t be thrifty about, especially if you’re going to spend hours on your feet all day. Do not compromise on comfort. If your feet are killing you, it’ll show on your face. If your shoes complement your attire, you’re well-dressed, from head to toe!