With so much drama in the I.S.B, it’s kinda hard bein Imran-Khan Nia-Zi… Let us take your mind off the current situation prevailing across the country and give you just a few reasons as to why we will always love our ‘Kaptaan’:

1) Playboy Pre-Politician, Imran’s lust for living and physical dexterity has always intrigued the opposite sex. During his Oxford days, he was referred to as “the smooth Asian lad” who was usually accompanied by a ‘special girl’ to all his matches. Imran attracted a ‘small harem’ of females to the stadium for unimportant fixtures and even practice sessions. Certain online reports also allege his ‘friendship’ with Liz Hurley may have been more than just platonic.

2) On March 25th, Imran Khan led Pakistan (249/6 in 50 overs) to victory in the 1992 ICC Cricket World Cup, defeating England (227 all out in 49.2 overs). He scored 72 runs (off 110 balls) after which he was caught out by Richard Illingworth, whom he later dismissed as the last English wicket, cementing the victory and finishing with figures of 1-43. During the tournament he encouraged his team to play like ‘cornered tigers’. The final was his last One Day International appearance; he retired at the age of 40.

3) Imran’s mother, Shaukat Khanum died of cancer in 1985. Unable to find suitable treatment in Pakistan, Khan established the ‘Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre’ in 1994 as a tribute to his mother. The hospital was constructed using donations exceeding $25 million, raised by Khan to treat those who could not afford quality healthcare. He also set-up a technical institution by the name of ‘Namal College’, an associate college of the ‘University of Bradford’. Later he launched the ‘Imran Khan Foundation’ to assist the underprivileged of the country.

4) Khan married Jemima Goldsmith on 16th May, 1995. Born into the German-Jewish Goldschmidt (later Goldsmith) family, Jemima converted to Islam a few months before the wedding and adopted the surname Khan after marriage. They had two sons, Sulaiman Isa (born 1996) and Kasim (born 1999). The couple announced their divorce on 22 June 2004, as it was ‘difficult for Jemima to adapt to life in Pakistan’, putting an end to their nine-year marriage. Jemima went on to date English actor Hugh Grant, but to this day maintains an amicable relationship with the father of her two sons, and still uses the last name Khan.

5) Imran Khan has aged like a fine French wine; his chic timeless look has captivated fans and followers across the world. He is a global celebrity, socialite, philanthropist, playboy, politician and style icon. He can pull off both eastern and western attire with ease. He could’ve gone anywhere, done anything… Instead he chose to stay in Pakistan, and do the ‘right’ thing – give back to the nation.

“Spirituality does two things for you. One, you are forced to become more selfless, two, you trust to providence. The opposite of a spiritual man is a materialist. If I was a materialist I would be making lots of money doing endorsements, doing cricket commentary. I have no interest in that.”

Immy bhai… R.E.S.P.E.C.T.