No, this is no joke… This sh*t’s for real!

There are currently close to fifteen MILLION Facebook users in Pakistan with that figure only expected to climb. That is unless, we suffer a virtual apocalypse and like YouTube, the world’s most popular social networking site ends up being banned too.

According to the latest reports, Justice Amir Hani Muslim recently caused an outrage saying the site ‘stripped people of their moral values’. The matter reached the Supreme Court on Wednesday, after culprit Muhammad Munir admitted to blackmailing young women on Facebook.

Accusing Facebook of destroying Pakistani society, the Judge was quoted in Pakistan Today saying, “The girlfriend culture belongs to the West, not Pakistan’s.”

“What kind of morality is to upload immoral pictures on media sites?” he asked.

Although a verdict has yet to be reached in the matter, the next six months will prove crucial for Pakistan’s cyber laws.