Japanese multinational car giant Suzuki recently launched the new and improved 2015 Suzuki Alto in Japan. We can tell it’s new but has it really ‘improved’ from its predecessor? Let’s look into that…

The new Alto, when launched in Pakistan, will be available in 12 colors of your choice and come fitted with a lot of ‘new technology’ such as, seat-belts *on BOTH driver and passenger seats, hill hold control (hand-break I guess), and electronic stability control (whatever that is). Its got air-conditioning (OMG), cup holders (OMFG), a PUSH START BUTTON (actually pretty surprising) and even HEATED SEATS, yep, all in an alto. And like that wasn’t enough, the new Alto also comes with an AUX input….. I mean, Wow!


This is what it looks like from the back… Still ugly.

By now, you should easily be able to sense the sarcasm in this piece about the most commercially used car in the country. Normally, we at The Karachiite are pretty fired up about new cars being launched in Pakistan, but this one, well, not so much… The car does feature some awesome tech upgrades though, boasts lots of leg room and looks comfortable as hell, but the looks… Damn… makes me sad just looking at it. The new front face with the big a** headlights of some new shape makes you wanna cry… I think i’m getting depressed just by looking at it.

The hella ugly Alto is expected to launch in Pakistan for the fixed rate of 7 lakh rupees. Overall the new Suzuki Alto is the latest addition to the small car market of the country and will possibly sell in huge numbers, as it has in the past.

But seriously Suzuki, what were you thinking? SO ugly…