It’s been a long journey from the Urology Department of Civil Hospital to the humanitarian icon that SIUT is today. In forty years, Dr. Adeeb Rizvi and his dedicated team have made their pledge, ‘Free Treatment with Dignity’ into a reality for millions of Pakistani citizens who cannot afford the healthcare which is their fundamental right, but one denied to them by the state.

Healthcare is one of the most neglected sectors in Pakistan, where people run from pillar to post in the most demeaning manner if they need medical help but cannot afford it. The SIUT approach to this dilemma is the rare idealistic solution that is working. The government owns it, civil society funds it through donations and the staff working there provide professional service. This triangle protects and sustains the patient at its centre.

No patient who comes to SIUT is ever turned away, nor is anyone, rich or poor, asked about their financial status; if you can afford to pay the bill, well and good, if not, it will be taken care of through donations.

An excellent medical centre with state-of-the-art technology, SIUT is one of the biggest dialysis and transplant hospitals in South Asia. Dr. Adeeb Rizvi has always been a stickler for detail, and his team of trained professionals, from those at the highest to those at the lowest positions, know the importance of rising above their own selves to serve humanity. They take their cue from their leader, who has single-handedly changed the meaning of philanthropy in Pakistan — not just giving money, but using it constructively to build a lasting legacy.