A sure way to tell that those in power are getting jittery is when they begin to stamp down any (even perceived) criticism. The Pakistan government suddenly decided, two weeks after its release, to ban screening of the Pakistani film ‘Maalik’.

Aashir Azeem’s film had been garnering mild appreciation from those who had seen it, but now it’s certain that those who haven’t, will be intrigued enough to try anything to get their hands on a DVD version, so in the end, it’s Azeem who’s going to come out on top.

The film’s plot is based on the rampant corruption in the corridors of power, and its positive tilt towards the men in uniform has added to the rulers’ angst, which could be why they want it to remain off the public screens.

The Panama Leaks fiasco has added fuel to the fire of Imran Khan’s rhetoric against corruption by tainted politicians at the helm, and movies like ‘Maalik’ expose the ugly face of it. Since the ruling party is more or less helpless in controlling Khan’s tirades, it has found an easier target in ‘Maalik‘.

Aashir Azeem has filed a petition in court against the government’s ‘illegal’ ban. Let’s see now how the battle pans out, but the moral victory it’s obvious, has already been won.