As with all else in life, the ‘it’s the little things that matter’ mantra holds true about your style statement too.

These small accessories that you may feel dismissive about could make a huge difference to how classy a dresser you’re seen as.

1. Buttons. The buttons on your shirt or suit can make or break it, so take note of them whenever you shop. According to menswear legend, the practice of leaving the bottom button of the jacket open goes back to England’s Henry VII. His Majesty’s problem was obesity, but whatever kings do, lesser mortals follow, and suit jackets are now stitched in such a way that they won’t fit perfectly till you follow Henry’s practice.

2. Collar Stays. Those little plastic inserts make sure your formal and office shirt collars hold their shape crisply and help in creating a great impression. They do have the nasty habit of getting lost in the washing machine though, so keep extras handy. James Bond would never don a shirt without his ‘collar stiffs’.

3. Bow Ties. Black or white, solid or printed, this descendant of the 17th century knotted cravat has made a fashion comeback from obscurity, and adds the final touch to your outfit, making it as classic, or as whimsically modern, as you wish. From David Beckham to Ryan Gosling, Dev Anand to Ranveer Singh, its fans cover a broad spectrum.

4. Cuff Links. Bejeweled, metallic, fabric-based, monogrammed, branded or custom-made, cuff links are a sure-fire way to spell out your fashion statement. Ted Baker, Tiffany’s, Hugo Boss or Zainab Market, these little bad boys definitely pack a punch.

5. Pocket Squares. Fashion gurus say ‘the hankie’s nothing to sneeze at’ and whether it’s plain or patterned, gingham or pure silk, the pocket square is a test of your innovation. If you can display it and turn it into a conversation piece then you’ve certainly arrived!