Men’s watches aren’t just for men anymore… The slightly larger dial faces are now actually preferred by women as opposed to the once than dainty, tiny ones.

It appears that there is a shift towards men’s watches because of the mid size (34mm-36mm) faces, which compliment both genders without seeming bulky.  Traditionally conservative watchmakers such as Cartier and Breguet have also bulked up their models in what the industry calls ‘wrist presence’. As documented in the book American Wristwatches: Five Decades of Style and Design, “It was the sight of more women wearing hefty hardware that triggered a kind of forearms race.”

The Rolex Submariner is one such example. This sublime timepiece makes a rugged yet elegant statement and at one time was even the watch sported by British superspy James Bond. However, this timepiece is now extremely popular among both men and women alike, with an adventurous yet polished feel to it. It is a top pick among A-listers Cameron Diaz, Sharon Stone, David Beckham, Gordon Ramsey, Roger Federer and Fidel Castro (to name a few).

The quintessential divers watch, the Rolex Submariner was first introduced in 1953, as a scuba diving timepiece and was the first watch guaranteeing reliability and precision at depths of 300 meters (1000feet).  Its patented design and gear have evolved over time through technical Rolex innovations, with steel and gold finishes as well as different casings for each finish. Known as the watch of action and elegance, this timepiece is instantly recognizable and comes with a green, blue sapphire, and black cerachrom dials with a scratch resistant bezel. This highly-resistant steel is used in aerospace and chemical industries where high resistance to corrosion is a necessity.

Beautiful or beastly? You be the judge!