Admit it, we’re all held in thrall by James Bond; sneer we may at his misogynistic pride, emotional repression and violence prone adventurism, but secretly we love our “male Barbie.”

It was 1953, while the Brits were still enduring post-war rationing, that Ian Fleming penned Casino Royale, his first Bond novel. Yet more than 60 years on, at a time when we are inundated with consumer choices, Bond remains relevant.

His label-driven preferences, from sharp suits to ultra-modern gadgetry, leave a stamp on consumer minds and industry giants know it. According to rumor, Heineken contributed 30 million pounds to Skyfall in return for a couple of shots of Bond swigging the Dutch beer. Even the upcoming Bond release Spectre, will benefit from product placements by megabrands Tom Ford, Omega, Belvedere and Aston Martin (to name a few).

Spectre, out in cinemas November 6th, may also possibly mark Daniel Craig’s release from Bond-age. Though reportedly under contract till 2020, it might be Craig’s last stint as he concedes in his interview with Esquire. Craig says he hopes, in contrast to the misogynistic 007’s of the Sean Connery and Roger Moore era, that his Bond at least has “weight and meaning”. After all, Bond’s most obvious traits are the very qualities now associated with all that’s wrong with masculinity. Craig, who was once a “serious” actor and still aspires to be, sounds like he is ready to move on… That being said, the Bond movie after Spectre will mark the silver 25 in the blockbuster franchise, and Craig may well want to be the man associated with that number.

Speculation about who will next step into Bond’s Brioni shoes next, has kept tongues wagging. According to bookmakers William Hill, Damien Lewis leads the odds by 5/2, with Tom Hardy and Idris Elba hot on his heels and tied neck-to-neck at 4/1. Other contenders include David Oyelowo, a choice pick for a bit of diversity in the Bond franchise, Henry Cavill, Orlando Bloom and Michael Fassbender.

Whoever takes on the coveted Bond mantle next one thing’s for certain, we can’t wait for the next Bondventure!