It isn’t difficult to find a decent burger in Karachi; however with the fast food scene being as saturated as it is it’s difficult to find a burger that makes you want to come back for more. Last night, three friends and I ventured out with the mission of self-gratification, but not in the way you think. We wanted burgers, and after a few minutes of driving around in circles deciding where to go (and calling each other a**holes), we collectively decided on Burger Inc.

Burger Inc. has been around since May 2012, delivering good burgers hot and delicious out of their Badar Commercial location. When we called to place an order for takeaway, they informed us of their new two-story dine-in restaurant that recently opened in Clifton. Intrigued and not wanting to eat in the car, we gunned it to The Forum. Three shops down, we saw it: bathed in green and black motif, urban-chic and behind glass doors, was what we yearned for.

We walked in thinking this place would be right at home in the hipster locale of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, except for the people, or lack thereof; the place was empty. We stumbled to the cashier and placed our orders. They do things straightforward here; a selection of burgers you can have one of three ways: a 4 oz. patty, the ‘grand’ 6 oz. patty, or the ‘twin’ – two 4. oz patties. Then they have fries, chicken burgers (or what I like to call chicken sandwiches because c’mon, a chicken burger?), and their southern fried chicken (which I’ve had before and is damn good).

I ordered the 4 oz. Tribeca, so called for their “proprietary Tribeca sauce”, and fries. The other three opted for 4 oz. Baja burgers, their jalapeno-filled spicy take on a classic burger. We would’ve ordered 6 oz. patties, but after having already spent on some of Murree’s finest, our wallets were significantly lighter.

The food was fantastic as always and here’s why: their beef patty is cut with pepper and onions which elevates the taste of the beef. The patty is grilled and not cooked on a flat-top, giving it a juicier texture. Burger Inc. bake their own potato roll buns in-house, which is delicious and gives the burger that structural integrity you need. Finally, their vegetables are crisp and fresh. It’s not rocket science, but it’s difficult to execute which is why this place is one of few in Karachi that you can go to indulge in a solid burger.

The only problem we all had, and I use the word problem very loosely, is why they chose to open up a dine-in location, and next to The Forum to boot. They already have a great delivery service, and when I want to eat one of their burgers, I’d rather do it in the privacy of my (or a friend’s) home than eat it in public and risk being shamed for the way I stuff my face. Perhaps a reason why the place was empty? That being said, a great fast food meal for Rs. 1,680!