Ever find yourself wishing your pockets could expand to fit your phone? Lucky for you, help may just be around the corner… After successfully launching curved-edge displays, Samsung is rumored to be testing a foldable phone expected to take the smartphone industry by storm!

At the pinnacle of innovation, the company has been experimenting with the technology for almost two years now. Below, we cut through the bullsh*t to bring you 3 things you must know about Samsung’s ‘Next Big Thing’.

  1. World’s First Foldable Smartphone

A flexible plastic OLED phone is in the making as reported by SamMobile, a reputed blog covering the latest from the Korean consumer electronics giant. The image above shows how the device can fold like a notebook, giving Samsung competitors a run for their money.

As per speculation, the biggest technical impact of the new feature will be on Google Play Store. App developers will have to knuckle under the new dynamics of the technology, or Samsung may deliver them through its own App platform as it currently does for the Edge Series.

  1. Advanced Features Coming Down the Pike

Codenamed ‘Project Valley’, the phone is being tested in two hardware configurations: one with a Snapdragon 620 processor and the other with a Snapdragon 820 chipset. The mobile will feature 3GB RAM, a microSD card slot, and a non-removable battery as seen in recent iterations of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy models.

  1. Launching Sooner Than You Think

In March earlier this year, a Samsung display official stated that smartphones with flexible touchscreens would be commercially possible by 2016. This timeline suggests that the South Korean giant may unveil the world’s first foldable phone at Mobile World Congress 2016, or possibly a few weeks prior to the mega event, as it did with the Galaxy Note 5 and S6 edge+.

With lackluster sales in recent months, Samsung has been under pressure to feature its devices with dual-curved displays and the S Pen Stylus. A foldable phone, however, could provide Samsung with exactly the kind of breakthrough it needs to retain its market share. Given the fact that Apple is preparing ground for a bendable smartphone in 2018, do you think the first generation of Samsung’s flexible OLEDs will do well?

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