Your logo defines your business – that’s the bottom line – so if you have that pinned down, you’re already on your way to success. Even if you’re hiring professional help, these tips will come in handy in getting exactly what you want.

1. Be Different. You may be inspired by images you’ve seen but being unique is what’s going to set your brand apart. It must be instantly recognizable (like McDonald’s golden arches) in a sea of advertising images that flood the consumer market.

2. Keep it Simple. Remember, simple is timeless. That’s why classy always wins over ‘hot’. Trends prevail for a period but then die out, but if you can produce the one symbol that stays evergreen – like Nike and CocaCola – you’ve hit the jackpot.

3. Be consistent. The logo reinforces what you’re trying to sell, so if it’s compatible with your product, the message becomes stronger. The Apple logo symbolizes knowledge, referring to Adam and Eve and the forbidden fruit in the Biblical story. Burger King too has a look that instantly conjures up the image of their product.

4. Use Enticement. The logo is your bait for hooking customers, so it has to be tempting. Keep your target audience in mind. You can’t be cutesy if you’re selling to career-oriented thirty-somethings, just as a brown or black bull would never work as well as a RED BULL.

5. That brings us to Colour. Use the right colour to convey your message. Different colours reflect different moods. Red exudes vibrant energy. Pink is associated with gentleness, feminism and tranquillity. Blue symbolizes professionalism and reliability. Green denotes an environment-friendly product. So choose your logo colour wisely.

6. Fonts Matter. Fonts can convey your message before it even begins. Consider the Disney logo: the font conjures up images of fun, happiness and magic. The right font can be your ticket to brand success, so get those creative juices flowing.