In spite of all the variety available in men’s wardrobe items, if there’s one absolute must-have, it’s the white tee. The humble garment traces its roots back to off-duty military uniforms in the United States, or standard gear for day-labourers, making its way up the social ladder to become a staple for celebrities down the ages. From Marlon Brando and James Dean, Don Johnson in Miami Vice to Tom Cruise in Top Gun, or David Beckham, the simple white tee has always been symbolic of “understated cool”.

Catherine Chow, founder of Welcome Stranger, calls it a ‘simple and fresh’ wardrobe essential – ‘ a fun-piece that can be customized – a canvas for any everyday look you want to create’.

Wear it loose, fitted, layered, with sleeves or without, crew-neck or V, combined with trousers or jeans, a casual jacket or formal, worn under a dress shirt or on its own, the white tee has infinite possibilities for you to play around with till you find your signature style.

Costing anything from thousands of rupees to a few hundred, the essential white tee can add flair to any ensemble, but experts say you must keep an eye on these details before buying; the fabric should be preferably 100% cotton, the stitching must be fine and the cut flattering to your physique.

The style and accessories you choose can shape your style from simple to luxe. However, top designers advise that you keep the clear canvas just that, clear and uncluttered, for maximum effect!