They’re supposed to be living a life apart from that of ordinary folk, existing in a bubble of their own. But some celebrities do reach out and show that underneath all the glitz and glamour, they’re extraordinarily empathetic and kind human beings.

1. Actor Jamie Foxx saved a man’s life recently when a driver lost control of his vehicle, just outside Foxx’s house. Luckily Foxx was at home and quickly responded, calling 911 and pulling out the still-buckled driver from the car, which later burst into flames.

2. A paramedic attending an elderly patient on a London roadside thought she saw someone who looked like David Beckham walk by and drive off in his car. Ten minutes later, the man, who really was Beckham, was back, with two steaming cups of tea and coffee for her and the patient. Needless to say, both patient and paramedic recovered happily.

3. Jim Carrey left a waitress beaming with joy, if not chuckling with delight, when he left her an amazingly generous tip. After dining out with friends at a New York restaurant Carrey left a $225 tip on his $151 bill.

4. Taylor Swift, after hearing of Kesha’s request for release from a contract with abusive producer Dr. Luke, at once came to the rescue with a donation of $250,000 for the ‘TikTok‘ singer, to help her through a ‘trying time’.

5. When Prince Harry, attending the trials for the Paralympic-style Invictus Games, saw cyclist Anna Pollock’s wheelchair knocked over on the track by a strong gust of wind, he sprang into action, righting her and lightening the mood with a couple of jokes, till she was steady again.