For the discerning few who can afford to own a floating example of motoring excellence, say ‘Hello’ to the WallyPower 118, the fastest and possibly most badass superyacht in the world.

The WallyPower 118 is nothing short of spectacular and before you ask Mr. Wayne yes, it does come in black… This stealth fighter of the seas boasts some seriously impressive specs. Powered by three enormous gas turbine engines producing a staggering 17,000 hp, the WallyPower 118 can reach speeds in excess of 60 knots (70 km/h). A radical blend of both form and function, the bow cuts through the water helping it attain unmatched stability and control.

The WallyPower 118 was also featured on the award-winning motoring show Top Gear, where host Richard Hammond compared its radical design and performance to the Pagani Zonda F Roadster calling it, “utterly beautiful and outrageous”.

Monaco-based Wally manufactured the 118 out of a lightweight carbon fiber, the same material used to produce the world’s fastest road cars and even Formula One race cars. What’s more is according to Business Insider, the 118 was tested by Italian automaker Ferrari in the wind tunnel, before finally being unleashed in the water.

Luca Bassani, the Italian owner of Wally, founded the company after having directed the design of a yacht for his own use in 1991, and has since never looked back. It is rumored the WallyPower 118 is among his favorite creations. I mean… Why wouldn’t it be? Just look at it!