How would you like to own Batman’s iconic ‘Tumbler’ from the ‘The Dark Knight’ trilogy? According to Kotaku, a custom version of the infamous Batmobile costs a staggering $1.6 million dollars to produce.

But now, thanks to the Danish toy giant Lego, you can actually own a piece of cinematic history for a very reasonable Rs.20,000. According to their official website, the Tumbler model is part of Lego’s ‘Ultimate Collector Series’.

This plastic and rubber masterpiece is no ordinary toy… Developed for ‘serious’ Lego enthusiasts this collector’s item will be a limited edition. Comprised of 1869 pieces, this is by far one of their more difficult models measuring 15 inches wide and 9 inches tall (when completed).

And how can you have a Batmobile without the Caped Crusader? The limited edition set also comes with two mini-figurines — Batman and his arch nemesis the Joker (portrayed on-screen by the late, great Heath Ledger). It even comes with a screen with the word ‘INTIMIDATE’ written on it.

Slated for release sometime this month, the spectacular model looks like an exact replica of its bigger, much more expensive older brother. Designed with love for the ultimate Batman fans, the model will have built-in armor, flexible wings and a comprehensive interior complete with huge rubber-tread racing tires.

After Tim Burton’s sleek Batmobile in ‘Batman’, Nolan’s Tumbler is a monster on wheels. According to the popular motoring site Jalopnik, the ‘black erm, tank’ was supposedly a mix between a Hummer and a Lamborghini.

The limited edition Tumbler is available exclusively at Lego stores or on their online marketplace.

To the Batmobile!