Compass, a company providing metrics for emerging  businesses around the globe, has compiled a list of cities that have the best eco-systems to nurture your seedling start-up. You may be surprised by some of the results…

Silicon Valley, USA. is the best place on earth to start up your own company. In terms of access to technical talent, availability of investment, and on-the-spot evaluation of your business, it has no equal. Also, if you’re looking for investors, there’s a high chance you’ll find somebody who is ready to finance your dreams.

New York City. Not content with having the title of ‘Greatest City on the Planet’, New York is the most popular destination for non-US startups wanting to set-up a US presence for better accessibility. According to Bjoern Lasse Herman, CEO of Compass, New York is ‘the biggest contender to match Silicon Valley in the future’.

London is at this time the tech-hub of Europe. The largest number of startups in Europe are based in the English capital. As Rahul Ahuja of Taskhub describes it, ‘it is one of the easiest places in the world to set up a business’. In a span of 15 minutes — 5 to register online and 10 for the VAT (tax) registration.

Berlin. Though a new entrant to the startup ecosystems club, Berlin is rated highly for its energetic environment and openness to fresh ideas. Small wonder then that it’s where the global headquarters of SoundCloud is.

Singapore. Singapore’s biggest asset is its geographical location, bridging East and West. It acts as a bridge for Indian, Chinese, Malaysian and Australian markets. Many startups either move here or opt for a second bureau in the city, solely because of the incredible amount of capital the place attracts.