Are you a stamp collector? Do you like Avicii? Well, you’re in luck – The EDM superstar has earned himself an official postage stamp in his native country of Sweden. Alongside Avicii, pop artists Robyn, First Aid Kit, Seinabo Sey, and producer Max Martin will all be featured on postage stamps as well.

Sweden, with is tiny population of just 9 million people, is third in the world of pop music exports. PostNord – a postal company run by the Swedish and Danish governments is profiling this achievement, and will be issuing stamps featuring the five selected artists on January 15th, 2015.

According to a press release by the Scandinavian postal giant, each stamp represents a memorable face of the Swedish pop industry. “Stamp design engages people” said the company. All of the stamps were drawn by the New York-based Swedish illustrator Jenny Mortsell off photographs taken by Alex Wessley, Andreas Larsson, Kristoffer Berg, Johannes Helje and Mikael Dahl.

A reason for Sweden’s pop-export success is the computerization and globalization of the music industry. Both SoundCloud and Spotify are Swedish inventions. Sweden has maintained its position as a world leader in pop music due to the country’s multicultural population which offers a broad spectrum of experiences and influences.

Recently, Avicii had taken an indefinite break from touring due to health concerns. But it appears that his recuperation period is almost over, and he’s almost ready to hit the road again. He has announced his initial 2015 tour dates, and will be flying to Australia early next year to play at all five Future Music Festival shows. Drake, The Prodigy, 2 Chainz, Afrojack, and Die Antwoord are all set to join Avicii in the land down under.