Regardless of how technology has helped shape the world into a global village, Pakistan still seems to be about a decade behind most global trends. But one trend that seems to have trickled its way into the everyday lives of Pakistanis has been the growing popularity of health and fitness. All of a sudden people are watching what they eat, when they eat, and even more people are beginning to incorporate exercise into their daily routines.

Just as high intensity interval training programs have revolutionized the lives of fast-paced New Yorkers, Londoners and Parisians; The 42 Day Challenge is doing the same for Karachiites. The 42 Day Challenge isn’t just a discipline… It’s a fitness lifestyle.

The program is based on high intensity interval training; consisting of one-day weight training and one day of cardio/abs 6 days-a-week. Each 35 to 40 minute session concentrates on burning fat more so than reducing weight.  Additionally, the workout program is supplemented with a meal plan which is custom-tailored to each client to ensure the best results.

Nutrition is an essential part of the program and the key to achieving breakthrough results at the end of 42 days. “Our nutrition plan fuels every workout session and because the workouts are very tough and painful; the clients are usually motivated themselves not to cheat, as they feel like all the hard work is going to go to waste. Also, we scream and shout at them in front of everyone,” says Torsam Tajik, Master Trainer and Co-Founder of The 42 Day Challenge.

The program is run by a group of young, dynamic and hard-working individuals who seem to genuinely want to help clients achieve their personal goals. It appears to be a cost-effective and efficient way for anyone to reach the peak of their physical fitness. Workouts are grueling and the diet isn’t easy; but for those that do choose to undertake the challenge, the results speak for themselves!