Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton come face to face at the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai this weekend.

Races will take place at the Shanghai International Circuit constructed by Hermann Tilke. The circuit was the most expensive ever built in Formula One history, priced at $240 million when erected back in 2004.

2013 saw Fernando Alonso take the gold for the second time, after his first win back in 2005. This week, the Team Ferrari racer recorded the second fastest time on the circuit in the second practice session.

Team Ferrari boss Marco Mattiaci has said he’s looking to get the best out of his team’s stars this season. The Chinese Grand Prix would be an opportunity for Ferrari drivers to really showcase their best on the track.

Second practice session results saw Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton lead the pack, ahead of Alonso, and also setting the fastest time on the circuit.

Hamilton last won the Grand Prix back in 2011, and may just equal Alonso’s record of two competition wins. He’s also looking to create a personal record by winning three Grand Prix races, in succession.

Meanwhile, Mercedes’ other driver Nico Rosberg came third in the practice session and will be looking to give Alonso and Hamilton a run for their money. And with Rosberg really coming into form, this weekend’s qualifier is sure to be an exciting one!