PUMA has partnered with OrthoLite, the leader in open cell foam insoles, to incorporate its Eco-OrthoLite insole technology into their latest range of performance and lifestyle footwear.

OrthoLite is the world’s leading supplier of insoles found in more than 80 million shoes each year, providing superior comfort, cushioning, breath-ability and anti-microbial function in a lightweight design. The insoles are made of polyurethane and rubber that keep the feet dry, odour-free and minimize the build-up of bacteria.

PUMA will be the first major brand to embrace OrthoLite’s new line of eco-friendly insole technology. The multi-billion dollar German conglomerate has been producing athletic footwear and sportswear since 1948 and is among the leading companies in the world. The brand has had endorsement deals with football legends Pele, Eusebio and Diego Maradona, and also previously collaborated with Italian luxury sportscar manufacturer Ferrari.

Eco-OrthoLite on the other hand, has only been operating since 1997, but has collaborated with some top brands in their time including: Asics, Merrell, Nike, Vans and Timberland. Eco-OrthoLite uses an environmental friendly, non-food source as a substitute for traditional fossil fuel-based raw material, making the formula part of a clean, renewable resource. It not only provides consumers with maximum comfort, but also helps protect against environmental degradation. The design of PUMA and comfort of OrthoLite provide a brilliant combination and with its ecological benefits, it’s a hole in one!