EDM sensation Deadmau5 has been donning headlines for the past few weeks now… First Ferrari USA issued the Canadian sensation a ‘cease and desist’ notice for covering his Ferrari 458 in a custom Nyan-Cat wrap and Purrari badges. Then Japanese automotive giant Nissan reached out to him with a suitable replacement for his Ferrari, already pre-wrapped in a Nyan-cat theme. Now, according to the latest reports the music producer and DJ is in the midst of a legal battle with studio giant Disney.

In March of this year,Disney filed a case against Deadmau5 on the grounds that his ‘mouse’ logo is too similar to Mickey Mouse’s ears. Deadmau5 wasn’t happy with the insinuation and responded to Disney on Twitter saying, “Lawyer up, Mickey”.

As if that wasn’t enough, the acclaimed DJ filed a counter-suit against Disney for using his famous track ‘Ghosts n’ Stuff’ without a license, featuring Mickey Mouse and titled ‘Ghosts-n-Stuff –Re-Micks’. Deadmau5 even tweeted photos of the ‘cease and desist’ notice filed by his attorney Dina LaPolt. After posting the photos he tweeted, “@disney, just in case you don’t check your email, ill just leave this here…Have a magical fucking day!”

In typical Deadmau5 fashion, the Canadian music producer took to the popular micro-blogging site to express his frustration (and air some of his dirty laundry). After uploading photos of the notice he tweeted, “lets test a theory, it takes em 10 years to oppose a trademark, let’s see how long it takes em to take down a video”.

In response, Disney removed the video from its original URL but a fan with quick fingers re-uploaded a copy of it on YouTube.

According to online reports, it is believed Deadmau5 may still have to battle it out in court if the matter isn’t resolved in arbitration.