You’ve got to hand it to him, Corey Lewandowski is damn good at what he does, case in point being how he managed to turn Trump from universal object of ridicule to serious contender for POTUS — but for howling critics, bringing him onboard at CNN, one of the world’s most ‘respectable’ news channels, is an unappetizing lump too hard to swallow.

Even in a circuit where it’s yawn-invokingly routine for cable TV networks to turn failed politicians into ‘expert-analysts’ drawing huge salaries, CNN‘s move to recruit Lewandowski who was fired by ‘The Donald’, is being seriously frowned upon, especially by female journalists, who think him to be a chauvinistic misogynist, given his ‘utterly despicable’ behavior towards women (and indeed all journalists) in the past.

Corey Lewandowski has been involved in incidents where he has been abusive towards women colleagues, has manhandled male ones, and been openly hostile to even a CNN producer at least once during a Trump rally, threatening to pull his credentials for filming a protester.

When questioned about the controversial former Trump staffer’s hiring, CNN‘s President Jeff Zucker declined to comment, but Lewandowski is embracing his new position with enthusiasm, saying he has ‘a great relationship with the press’.