Research shows that 85% of men experience major hair thinning by age 50. According to the American Hair Loss Association (yes, it’s real), due to stressful modern lifestyles, some start as early as in their twenties. Many myths surrounding hair loss are simply not true; wearing a baseball cap will not make your hairline recede, nor will the habit of running your fingers through it, and unless hair strands are torn out, gentle brushing, combing or styling will not accelerate hair loss either.

Almost all hair loss in men is a result of male-pattern baldness, a genetic trait you inherit from your parents. Smoking, not getting enough protein, illness or stress are other contributing factors.

Most ‘miracle’ products advertising hair loss control or replacement are shams. Over-the- counter solutions like Minoxidil lotion or the Finasteride pill work only till you’re using them. Stopping treatment will start hair loss again.

For thinning hair, volume-boosting shampoos and conditioners as well as lotions may help. Comb-overs are a style disaster (*ahem *ahem Donald Trump), so go for the close crop instead; it’s a very popular modern look.

Stay positive and confident, don’t less hair loss pull you down. What’s inside the head counts more than what’s outside. Samson had it wrong; your strength lies in your personality, not your locks. And you’re in good company; think of all the celebrities and world-shapers with close crops or bald pates – Barack Obama, the Aga Khan, Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, The Rock. Hair loss has taken nothing away from them; nor will it from you!