X-Men star Hugh Jackman has emerged as one of the strongest proponents of awareness about skin cancer, actively engaging in persuading people to be careful about exposure to the sun.

On his Facebook page this week, the Australian actor revealed that he recently had a type of skin cancer, a basal cell carnicoma, removed from his nose. In the past three years, this is the fifth time Jackman has had an encounter with cancer. In 2013, his wife Deborra-Lee Furness noticed a dark spot on his nose and urged him to consult a doctor, who diagnosed the cancer.

Though basal cell carnicoma is usually not a threat to life since it normally doesn’t spread beyond the lesion spot, it can be disfiguring, and should be treated immediately.

Jackman stresses that there are three easy steps you can take to protect yourself from the UV rays which are the main cause of skin cancer.

  1. Wear Sunscreen. Forget about gender, age and season. EVERYBODY needs to put on sunscreen if they are stepping out. Even if they don’t bar 100% of the harmful rays, sunscreens are still quite effective in putting up resistance against the damage. Slather on a sunscreen twenty minutes before you step out and reapply in a few hours if you’re still outside.

2. Put on Sunglasses. The area around your eyes is very sensitive to the sun, so protect it. Also, put up sunshades on your car windows to filter out the glare from direct sunlight.

3. Notice changes. Give your face and neck a thorough check in the mirror every week to see if there are any new marks, freckles or moles. If any of these seem to be spreading, get a consultation with your doctor immediately.