Australian actor Hugh Jackman, star of the ‘X-Men‘ films, donned headlines again, and again for the right reasons.

Jackman had previously been active on social media, advocating awareness about skin cancer, sharing his own experiences to warn people about unprotected exposure to the sun. This time, the ‘Wolverine’ showed that he’s the stuff heroes are made of in real life too, when he rescued and warned swimmers on Bondi Beach this weekend.

Jackman’s 15-year-old son and another swimmer got caught in threatening riptide coastal current and were floundering in the waves when he swam in and pulled them to safety. Television footage of the incident was broadcast by Nine Network, showing Jackman pulling a man from the fast current and guiding him to safety. He also proceeded to warn other swimmers to be cautious and stay away till the waters were calmer.

The dangerous tide conditions forced the closure of the beach later, as word spread about the incident. Fans of the actor were quick to take to social media in appreciation of their ‘hero’. Jackman is hugely popular across the world, particularly in his native Australia.