There’s no way the human civilization could have survived without bees. Out of the 100 species of crops that provide food for mankind all over the planet, 70 are pollinated and thriving thanks to our buzzing friends, so their preservation is in our collective interest.

To highlight the issue of the declining bee population in the world, UK-based artist Wolfgang Buttress has created a 56-foot tall sculpture that not only pays tribute to bees, but is actually controlled by them.

The artwork was first displayed at an exhibition in Milan, but has now been set up in London’s Kew Gardens, and will be one of the main attractions there till November 2017, so don’t miss the chance to see it if you’re headed to London.

Surrounded by wild flowers that abound in Kew Gardens, the 40-tonne installation is made of thousands of aluminum pieces. The inside has hundreds of LED lights and a sound system, both of which respond to vibrations from a real beehive nearby.

The bees will be shaping the intensity of your experience inside ‘The Hive’; the more active they are in their actual home, the more intense the vibrations inside the sculpture. It’s a one-of-a-kind interactive experience that you’re not likely to forget as you get insight into life inside a real beehive.

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