Contrary to popular belief, the best passport in the world to be in possession of is a German one, not a US travel document. It’s actually German citizenship that guarantees you the greatest mobility across the globe, says the 2016 Visa Restriction Index.

According to a list released by the London-based consulting firm Henley and Partners and the International Transport Association, German citizens can enter 177 out of 218 countries and territories in the world without needing a visa.

The 2016 Visa Restriction Index ranks countries by how freely their citizens can travel across borders without immigration red-tape issues.

USA, which did take first position in 2014 and 2015, has now slipped down to fourth place. It seems that being a ‘superpower’ doesn’t impress as many people now as it did a couple of years ago.

Sweden has held on to its position as runner-up for the last two years. Swedes can explore 176 countries in the world without going through immigration hassles.

Tied in third place are UK, Spain, France, Italy and Finland. UK, too, has come down in the rankings; it was previously tied at the top position with USA since 2013. This makes the North and Western European citizens the most privileged in the world as far as travel is concerned.

USA now holds a humble fourth position, along with Denmark, Belgium and Netherlands. Following at fifth and sixth ranks are Japan and South Korea.

In case you’re wondering (or not!) about the green passport, predictably, we’re at the bottom of the list, grouped with Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Somalia.