The more the lovebirds shy away from revealing the ‘true’ status of their relationship, the more the world seems obsessed with them! The fact that Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor are rumored to be involved romantically is no longer a mystery. Nothing is hidden from the public eye with their lovey-dovey behavior, regular public appearances and luxury beachside holidays together. So news of them moving in together was nothing more than mere speculation… That is, until now.

The (alleged) couple is all-set to move into their new love nest. The duo has selected a swanky flat for rent in the posh Carter Road Promenade of West Mumbai. According to the Hindustan Times, their Arabian Sea-facing penthouse will cost them Rs.15 lakh (Indian)-a-month to rent and the pair has already started decorating with the hopes of moving in next week. They are also reportedly planning a big house warming party for their friends and family once the new pad is all setup.

Ranbir, who has a reputation for being a bit of a momma’s boy (aren’t we all?), moved back in with his parents after studying abroad in the US. This will be the Bollywood heartthrob’s second tenure living away from home.

Maybe his mild case of agoraphobia is the reason why the couple chose to rent a flat even though they can comfortably afford to buy property worth ten times its value.

Whatever their reasons, it’s about time Ranbir and Katrina own up to their relationship status. With alleged news of their impending nuptials this coming February, and now them living together, there’s no point trying to hide it any longer.