Born in Queens, New York to a Pakistani father and a Czech mother, Nargis Fakhri has been making waves in India since her debut role in ‘Rockstar’ staring opposite A-Lister Ranbir Kapoor, where she stunned audiences with her flawless looks and took them on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. The film was declared an instant ‘Hit’. Made on a budget of $10 million ‘Rockstar’ went on to gross more than $18 million worldwide. The film received a host of awards but unfortunately our hottie biscuit was only considered for one, that too shared with Ranbir Kapoor: Hottest Pair of the Year at the 13th IIFA Awards.

In a recent interview with FILMFARE our very own par-desi super starlet shared some insight on her thoughts about the Bollywood film industry. When asked about how she takes criticism, Nargis’ reply was centered on Katrina Kaif.

“I look at how Katrina Kaif has built it. Yes it took her a long time, but she has done it. She’s an inspiration. I don’t know how she did it, what her traumas were. But if she can do it, I sure as hell can. Katrina has a heart for it; she is focused and speaks Hindi well. It’s been 15 years. So come on, I don’t even stay here, cut me some slack. Katrina doesn’t know me; I don’t think she’d want to talk to me about her journey.  But as a human being, I’m sure she has gone through what I went through. It must have been tough then because things were different. I’ve heard she had a support system in her family; she had a boyfriend who helped her. All that is none of my business. With help from people you can go far.  But no matter what, you have to put effort to get there. I have heard she is a machine when it comes to work,” she was quoted saying.

Nargis goes on to add that she doesn’t miss America, just the friendships she developed while living there, but also realizes that one cannot overload themselves with work and not have a social life.

“I was in New York City visiting my friends and this crazy Indian girl came screaming ‘Nargis Nargis…’ and I was like ‘Hell no! Girl are you crazy.”

Recently she has curbed her social life taking on more responsibility, acknowledging that she cannot keep floating around the world forever, even though she deeply misses her desire to travel to random countries and meet new people.

“I’m not known only in India but all over the world. I have Russian fans. I was so shocked”

When asked about things she found funny about Indians the bold ‘Madras Café’ heroine replied, “The head bobble. You guys shake your heads but it doesn’t make sense to a foreigner, because whether it’s yes, no or maybe you make the same head gesture. Women speak in high pitched voices. Maybe people feel the same about my accent. People are sheltered here with their family. Actually, dating someone from here would be hard because I’ve been independent since I was 12. Family is important. But it’s a bit much here because the family has too much control over you. You don’t get the freedom of living your own life. In America we leave home at 17-18.  Another funny thing is every child can dance to every Bollywood song. They come out of the womb dancing to Shah Rukh Khan’s numbers. It’s mind boggling. Every Indian is already prepped at a young age to be a Bollywood star. I have seen kids dancing to Sheila Ki Jawani (Tees Maar Khan). And they’re doing it better than me.”

The actress is confident about her looks and says her most appealing feature has to be her butt, adding that her boobs are nice as well. When she was younger her eyes were a feature that received many compliments but recently that has not been the case.

“I once talked to someone about sweaty armpits and we connected on sweaty armpits. I’m weird. I’m not your typical person.” She also complimented Salman Khan whom she thinks “looks friggin hot for his age.”

We hope to see more than just mobile ads of Nargis Fakhri. With a bit of luck Pakistan’s burgeoning film industry may better utilize this cross-border asset for her charm, many talents and boundless sex appeal!