Sahabzade Irrfan Ali Khan… You know the name. Acclaimed by critics the world over as one of the finest actors of his generation, international superstar Irrfan Khan is one bada** dude!

Not many actors would turn down the opportunity to work with world renowned director Christopher Nolan — but Irrfan did. When the first Jurassic Park film came out, Khan didn’t even have the money to go watch it. 22 years later he was starring in the reboot ‘Jurassic World’. The first Bollywood actor in history to star in two Oscar-winning Hollywood productions (Life of Pi & Slumdog Millionaire), Irrfan Khan proves he’s the baddest of them all.2“Kya kar sakte hai? Kuch bhi kar sakte hai… I don’t want to brag about myself. But I CAN DO ANYTHING!”6“I can’t think of a more pathetic situation for an actor than to do a film and not connect to it. And I pray to God that I never face that situation.”“You cannot reduce the power of story with the tag of money because it’s not a share market. So you must know the seriousness of the power of storytelling.”8“I want to entertain people, but with some substance.”9“I’ve realized that my… let me call it ‘destiny’ or some force that has pushed me to identify looking for your comfort zone as a kind of limitation. And everybody has a tendency to fall into the comfort zone. I did that in the early stage of my career.”5“Dekho Boss, I don’t want to brag about myself but ek picture aayi thi Maqbool. Usko dekhne ke baad I swear merey ko khud bola aka Shakespeare ‘ke be*****od Irrfan tuney g***d phaad di yaar.”1“A nation needs to know how to utilise talent.”7“We don’t have a culture of realistic acting in India.”4“The sign of a good society is where talent is respected.”11“For me, acting is becoming naked in front of people, you know? And when you know in the back of your mind somebody is testing you, you cannot really bare yourself. That’s a feeling I always have when I’m auditioning.”

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