BuzzFeed’s interest in Pakistani edibles started off with a video in which they tasted sodas from around the world. The Pakistani soda that tantalized taste-buds was none other than our very own gorgeously green ice-cream soda ‘Pakola’.

After their debut video, BuzzFeed dedicated another session to Pakistani snacks titled ‘Americans Try Pakistani Snacks for the First Time’. In the episode, they tried a variety of Nimco-mix snacks, Snackcity’s feeble ‘Slims’ rip-off called ‘Chillz’, and even our iconic Shahi Deluxe supari. A selection that some would consider a weak representation of what we nibble on a regular basis.

Yesterday, the global internet giant dropped another Pakistani themed video on YouTube dubbed ‘Americans Try Pakistani Meals for the First Time’. This time around, the BuzzFeed-ers sampled Lamb Korma, Pakoras, Chicken Biryani, Daal Ghosht, and a standalone Paratha. They washed it all down with Mango Lassi, and finally sweetened their taste-buds with a sugar-syrup engulfed Gulab Jamun.

Although some of the dishes’ aesthetics were not on par with what you’d find at a 5-star restaurant, their reactions to spicy desi-cuisine are priceless, some even hysterical. One ‘feeder’ went as far as relating the green pakora chutney to ‘the Riddler sauce’!

We appreciate BuzzFeed’s efforts at exposing our fine cuisine on the inter-webs, and look forward to the next episode of ‘Americans Try Pakistani ________ for the First Time’. Hopefully it will make for a well-construed, more accurate representation of our rich culture.