If you can’t get enough of the gonzo journalism that made Vice famous in the first place, you’ll love what they have in store for us. According to the latest reports, Vice is launching news channels in seven new countries. The New York-based digital media empire is in the process of launching local-language editions and newsrooms in seven new countries including Germany, France, Brazil and Australia. Having already launched news channels in the US and UK, this rapid rollout of Vice News will feature in-depth editorial content and video, as well as utilizing social media platforms like Instagram and Vine.

Vice News launched in March and is purported to be the fastest growing channel on YouTube, with nearly 150 million video views. They have gained an immense following from Millenials for their risqué, offbeat and immersive style of journalism about alternative culture and the news. Just one example of this is a recent article of theirs, entitled “I Had the Leader of ISIS Cursed by a Hong Kong Sorceress, and It Almost Worked”.

According to The Independent, “Vice claims to cover ‘stories that often go overlooked by legacy news outlets’. A 42-minute documentary about Islamic State, shot on the ground in Syria and Iraq, got seven million views in a week.” Co-founder Shane Smith also announced plans to boost their London office, which is also its headquarters for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. While many emerging economies have yet to witness a Vice presence, this international expansion could be a stepping stone in establishing a global presence similar to that of the BBC.

Vice was founded as a magazine in 1994 by co-founders Shane Smith, Gavin McInnes, and Canadian-born Pakistani Suroosh Alvi, and his since grown to become an online media behemoth valued at $2.5 billion.