English media reports reveal, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is determined to get tech-giant Apple to switch its iPhone default search engine from Google to Yahoo. Currently, all Apple devices feature Google as their default search engine, though users have the option to change it to Microsoft’s Bing or Yahoo.

This wouldn’t be the first time the two search engine giants have butted heads. According to recent reports, Yahoo also has plans to launch a rival to Google’s YouTube. Furthermore, Apple has removed YouTube and Google Maps as pre-installed applications for all their up-coming devices.

Though it is highly-unlikely Apple would make the switch considering their consumers love Google services, Mayer is apparently all-set with a ‘killer idea’ that could just make it happen.

If Yahoo were to in fact synch the deal, it would really turn things around for them. The company has been through seven different CEOs in the last seven years with Mayer being the most recent. But she seems to be doing alright particularly after an impressive quarterly performance thanks in-part to Yahoo’s majority stake in China’s Alibaba.

Mayer seems to be hell-bent on positioning Yahoo as a major player in the mobile search engine sector. And with their innumerable product lines Apple seems to be the perfect place to start!