According to the latest reports, California-based Google is now officially the world’s most valuable brand… Don’t believe it? Just Google it! The internet search giant eclipsed tech mammoth Apple growing by nearly 40% since 2013.

Though, it’s probably worth mentioning that Steve Job’s ‘baby’ saw a decline of about 20% in its brand value from last year. Apple’s current value sits at $148 billion dollars.

Google on the other hand, boasts a current valuation of a staggering $159 billion dollars. Google snatched the crown right off of Apple’s head. With new initiatives like the Google glass, GoogleX, the Google phone and Google Wallet, the internet search giant has diversified its interests into various different sub categories of consumer technology and the payoff has been huge!

Other companies listed in the World’s Most Valuable Brand race include: tech giants IBM and Microsoft at third and fourth place respectively, global fast food chain McDonald’s at number five, soft drink manufacturer Coca Cola at number six and credit card company Visa at number seven.

While Google is riding a rocketship into the future Apple is still selling iPads and iPhones with few changes and moderate upgrades. If Apple harbors any hopes of getting the title back, the company is going to have to stop playing it safe and seriously step up their game.