Judging by the pace at which technology is evolving, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that come the year 2020, we’ll all be living in a whole new world… Home appliances, smartphones, petrol-powered vehicles, physical labour, will any of this still be around? Let’s find out. In the future…

You’ll Spend More Time In Virtual Reality

Oculus Rift is finally reaching the masses to make reality more virtual than ever before. From advanced gaming to home utilities, the VR headset is predicted to take over the industry, changing the way we play, perform and communicate forever. Palmer Luckey’s groundbreaking VR technology (acquired by Facebook for $2 billion) is scheduled to release in early 2016.

Your Eyes Will Do The Talking

Thanks to Google, eye tracking has been around for three years now. Call, record videos, search through maps, translate and even augmented reality, what’s in a smartphone that Google Glass can’t do? In the process of mastering eye-tracking, the company is planning on securing advertising dollars by analyzing where Google Glass users’ gaze settles on your laptop screen. Woah, it’s actually happening as the company has patents for both these technologies. Moreover, Hyundai introduced a concept car partially controlled by eye-movements in 2013, adding to the fact that we’re reaching an age where vision is everything.

You Won’t Drive

Your super-futuristic driver-less vehicle will. A self-driving car was introduced by Google in 2014 after approval for driver-less cars to be on the road in Nevada, California, Michigan and Florida. Last year, Mercedes and BMW also initiated their driver-less vehicle programs following BI Intelligence’s estimation of 10 million self-driving cars on the road by 2020.

Your Home Will Get Smart

Innovation in the smartphone industry has started to slightly decline, so where will the ‘smart’ go now? The answer, your home! Amazon Echo’s launch this year has developed the possibility of a new age of sensitive and even, predictive home technology. On Philips Electronics’ research blog, the company wrote “In the year 2020, people will relate to electronics in more natural and comfortable ways as we do now. We believe that current inventions, by Philips and others will make electronics’ smart.” Not only this, it appears Echo’s Bluetooth speaker has gotten control of things like music and lights at your fingertips. Microsoft is offering a similar service with Cortana, while GoogleNow is working aggressively behind the scenes on ambient-intelligent machines.