Pebble’s smartwatch holds the record for the most-funded campaign on Kickstarter since the crowd-sourcing website’s inception back in 2008. It has impressed funders and fans with countless apps and features on their wrists. To celebrate Pebble has released three new limited-time only, timepieces in striking shades of ‘Fresh Green’, ‘Hot Pink’ and ‘Fly Blue’.

In a recent interview Pebble CEO, Eric Migicovsky reflected on why he thinks the smartwatch industry is expanding so rapidly, “I think one factor behind the growing interest in the smartwatch category is that people find real value in having information easily accessible to them. And, a watch is such a great entry point for all kinds of information because it’s right there on your wrist, it’s easy to see and generally people wear them every day.”

Pebble’s smartwatches have an array of exciting components and abilities that make them some of the leading products in the industry. They are designed to be waterproof, and according to Pebble ‘can survive a quick swim or shower’. The watch face has an LED backlight that illuminates in dark situations to make viewing easy, and switches to an ‘e-paper’ view in the light, similar to that of the Amazon Kindle. Those who buy the device can set an alarm to vibrate when they wish to wake up, and its straps are customizable.

However, the most impressive aspect of this product has to be the fact that its battery-life lasts between 5 and 7 DAYS, eliminating the need to charge it every night. Unlike other smartwatches, Pebble is compatible with both iOS and Android technology, and apps downloaded on the user’s phone are converted onto their Pebble device automatically. This allows you to receive notifications from your phone right to your wrist. Furthermore, customizable watch face designs can be downloaded in accordance with your personal taste.

“One of the coolest things about Pebble is that it connects you to all of the powerful apps on your Smartphone. It delivers the right bits of information to your wrist and really minimizes the number of times you have to pull your phone out of your pocket, purse, etc.,” said Migicovsky

The Pebble comes loaded with features and in a variety of different colors and on-screen designs. The latest three colors are available for a limited time only, and the device is available for 150 dollars on Pebble’s website and in select stores.